Put on Your Gloves It’s Time to Fight Breast Cancer

Women are living longer, stronger lives in the face of breast cancer. Why? We refuse to sit on the sidelines. Thanks to doctors, researchers, families, friends, and supporters like you, early detection, new treatments and research are saving more lives.

Please join the women and men who are helping raise $36,000 to fully equip and furnish a private room in the Breast Cancer Surgical Unit at Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem, while supporting lifesaving research at the Hadassah Medical Organization.

Some will raise a little, some will raise a lot, but together we can help stop one in eight women from developing breast cancer in her lifetime.

Can she count on you?

Want to get involved but need help getting started? We’re here for you with our “how to” video!

The Hadassah Medical Organization is at the forefront of breast cancer research. Learn more.