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20.9 million people are victims of human trafficking

What will you bring to your Seder?

Each year, families retell the story of the Exodus and together look at today's world through a Jewish lens, often adding symbolic items to Seder tables and conversations. We've created this guide to help you weave a little bit of Hadassah into yours.

Tri-Color Matzah Balls - Watch Now!

Make Your Own Tri-Color Matzah Balls: Hadassah's Every Bite Counts food guru Shannon Sarna adds healthy fun and flair to Seder fare. Watch and learn.

Once We Were Slaves

There are nearly 21 million survivors of human trafficking, a form of modern-day slavery. Hadassah is a member of the Jewish Coalition Against Trafficking. Read our joint Statement of Values. This Passover, help give more people the most basic right: freedom from bondage. Ask your friends to take action with you!

Next Year in Jerusalem

Travel with us to the holy city. Don't wait till next year. Make it this year in Jerusalem, part of a special celebration led by Hadassah National President Ellen Hershkin. Sign up for the O Jerusalem! 50th Reunification Mission.

Read April's Women Who Learn, a celebration of Passover, Jerusalem, and more. Email for a copy.

New Arts & Design Program Brings Young Judaeans to Bezalel

Some Seder plates this year will feature a pineapple, a symbol of support for refugees and immigrants. Read our 2017 policy statement on refugees and immigrants. Start a conversation about the Jewish imperative to welcome the stranger.

Defining Zionism: Is Zioniist Now a Bad Word?

The story of the Exodus is about exile; Zionism is about coming home. Hadassah's Defining Zionism series asks American Jews to connect around Zionism as we look to the future together from different perspectives. Watch now.

New Arts & Design Program Brings Young Judaeans to Bezalel

Miriam's cup reminds us of the vital role women play, past, present, and future. This past Tuesday was Equal Pay Day. It's not too late to take action to support the Paycheck Fairness Act.

The Power of
Member of the Month: Amy Degen

Meet Barbara Bronstein

Our May Member of the Month is Barbara Bronstein of Houston, TX. Read all about how what began at a Hadassah Women of Courage luncheon in February 2013 evolved into a prepared-food rescue organization.

Member of the Month: Amy Degen

Breaking News: Malia on CBS NEWS!

Watch Hadassah MS patient Malia Litman and HMO's Prof. Dimitrios Karussis in this CBS-TV segment, airing on CBS affiliates across the country. Watch here.

Happy Birthday, Keepers of the Gate

In 1997, 77 women in the Florida Atlantic Region had a brilliant idea: Embrace the future by founding an annual giving movement called Keepers of the Gate. Now, 20 years later, the Keepers of the Gate program is going strong nationwide. Thank you to all our Keepers, who provide a dependable funding stream, advancing the power of women who DO. Learn more.


Protect Foreign Aid & Research Funding

Proposed budget cuts are targeting two top Hadassah priorities: foreign aid to Israel and National Institutes of Health (NIH) funding for medical research. We need your help! Act now.

Member of the Month: Amy Degen

Building Bridges

Hadassah Medical Organization nurses Julie Benbenishty and Naeila Heik stopped by Hadassah Headquarters in New York before a UN Commission on the Status of Women event, where they spoke about their shared passion: building bridges to peace via nursing. Pictured here (left to right): Beverly Goldsmith, Esther Shapiro, Naeila Heik, Rita Lourie-Galena, Julie Benbenishty, Devra Block.

Save the Date!

July 16-19, 2017
National Assembly Meeting and Business Meeting & Symposium
The Ritz-Carlton
St. Louis, MO

Highlights & Headlines

Hadassah Shines Spotlight on Gender Equity in Medicine at UN

Celebrating the Hadassah-AIPAC Partnership

Nancy Falchuk Enrichment Center Dedicated at Meir Shfeyah Youth Village

Future Scientist from Hadassah Youth Village Honored at Knesset

We're Hiring!

Work for Hadassah or Hadassah Magazine.


Associates Update

Our upcoming Israel mission, advance Alzheimer's research, and more.

Hadassah Associates are men who stand in support of Hadassah's mission to advance medical research, healing, and education.

h Medicine

Making Medical History

A Patient's Perspective: Aly's Blog

Reversing the Odds with Technology and Expertise

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